Of Assassins and Twins

Jul. 24th, 2017 09:02 am
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Been listening to Kajiura Yuki a lot lately. Noir is still my number one favourite out of all the anime she had composed for. This is probably the first anime that taught me how to show and not to tell.

I'm looking for the right soundtrack for a certain something (well, two things). So many things to do and so little time (and I work too slowly)...

Also came across three different manga where it just so happened that the main character has a twin brother.

Spoilers, I guess? )

Fun and Games

Jul. 20th, 2017 12:21 am
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In the past week:

  • I have started getting hot flashes (and I know my friend have told me they suck, but, man, they really suck; like they're-messing-up-my-sleep-big-time suck)

  • Had my far-too-old laptop finally die on me, taking two hours at an Apple genius bar and half a day of wiping and reinstalling and restoring to get it working again (I've now ordered the new machine I meant to get six months ago, lest it die on me again)

    I've got my fingers crossed the universe doesn't have any other little surprises stored up for me.
  • Falling in a Dream

    Jul. 12th, 2017 09:06 am
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    Woke up to find a mackerel sky outside my window.

    The live BD/DVD of Shiina Ringo's 2015 tour was released a while ago. I like the setlist a lot. It's split into different segments, and it's always a pleasure to hear a song segue seamlessly into the next song. Also been listening to sukekiyo's latest. It will take a while for me to form some sort of impression on it. (I can't use the headphones lately, and my speakers at home aren't that good.)

    Reading Tanith Lee's Redder Than Blood, a short story collection composed of adult reimaginings of various fairy tales. Her writing is lush and descriptive as always, but I can envision someone who is strict about grammatical conventions shaking her head in exasperation while reading Tanith Lee's stories (some of them at any rate). Conventions are there so that other people can understand what you are writing better, but it can be fun to play around with the language for a bit -- provided that it doesn't descend into the realm of plain bad writing.


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