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2017-05-26 02:12 pm

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When Antoine's biography wasn't available at both of my favourite bookshops today (as expected), I made do with another book that promises to be an interesting read:

One year ago, this kind of reading material would have been among the very last on a list of choices. And now see where I ended up.

Oh, and almost unnoticed, this guy settled in my mind:

A rather surprising development, but who I am to question that.
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2017-04-13 05:05 pm

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What a difference a layout makes.
Now I feel completely at ease and at home here.

Happy Easter everyone!
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2017-04-12 03:13 pm

(no subject)

Made use of the mass exodus on LJ to finally settle here.

Feels strangely exciting and new and yet so very familiar.

I might not be any more active here than I was on LJ the past few months, but I'll definitely comment and eventually rant and gush about my newfound love (aka football) and all my favourite players. Prepare for the worst.